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Hose Selection Made Easy

Hose selection requires making choices around the materials of construction that make up a hose assembly, while also paying close attention to the variables in your application. Despite its importance, hose selection is often treated as an afterthought. Proper hose selection starts with the understanding of the four main parts of a hose:

    Swagelok Hose Selection Guide
  • Core tube materials and construction
  • Reinforcement layers
  • Covers
  • End connections

In addition to the four main parts of a hose, several other variables must be considered and evaluated. When you're ready to select the right hose, it often helps to use the STAMPED approach – Size, Temperature, Application, Material, Pressure, End Connections, and Delivery – to ensure you're specifying the correct hose for your application.

At Swagelok Penn, we want to help you make hose selection easy – download our 2-page Hose Selection Guide:

Hose Selection Made Easy