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Industrial Sampling Systems - the Definitive Reference Guide

Industrial Sampling Systems Reference Guide

Industrial Sampling Systems - the Definitive Reference Guide

Authored by Tony Waters – acknowledged by many as the leading expert in the design of sampling systems – Industrial Sampling Systems captures the experience and knowledge Tony has acquired during a career of more than 50 years. Its balance of theory and practical examples makes it the perfect reference for students, as well as experienced sampling system engineers, designers, and technicians.

This book is also used as the main text for Swagelok’s Process Analyzer Sampling System training courses conducted at various locations around the world. All attendees receive a copy of the book as part of their registration and participation.

Each of the 12 chapters in the book covers a different aspect of a sample system and includes photos, drawings, tables and graphs, as well as a comprehensive glossary:

  • 01: Introduction to Sampling
  • 02: The Core Principles of Sample System Design
  • 03: Evaluation and Design of Sample Transport Lines
  • 04: Location and Design of Process Sampling Taps
  • 05: Preconditioning the Process Sample
  • 06: Controlling Sample Flow
  • 07: Controlling Sample Pressure
  • 08: Sample Temperature Control
  • 09: Change of State
  • 10: Sample Conditioning and Disposal
  • 11: Sample Isolation and Switching Systems
  • 12: The Future of Process Sampling
  • Appendix A: Measures, Units and Calculations
  • Appendix B: Glossary
  • Appendix C: Bibliography

Like Swagelok products and services, Industrial Sampling Systems is available locally through our sales and service centers. To find the location nearest you, visit our authorized sales and service center locator.

About the Author

Tony Waters is an engineer, a teacher, and a lifelong student himself. With more than 50 years of experience with process analyzers and their sampling systems, he has worked in engineering and marketing roles for an analyzer manufacturer, an end-user, and a systems integrator. He founded three companies to provide specialized analyzer services to the process industries, and is an expert in the application of process analyzers in refineries and chemical plants.

A frequent speaker at conferences and industry events, Tony is particularly known for his training courses that have been presented in many countries around the world. His presentations are always popular, and have equal appeal to engineers and maintenance technicians. He makes very difficult subjects understandable for all audiences when it comes to sampling systems.