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Swagelok Penn

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Application Support

Get support on applications engineering, technical drawings, making product substitutions and more

Swagelok Technical and Applications Support

Different businesses have different product, service, and application support requirements. Based on your needs, we have technical specialists and engineers that can support your specific requirements. So, whether you are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or responsible for optimizing the daily maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) of your facility, or designing and integrating modules and systems for OEMs, you can count on knowledgeable support with technical information, product selection, and fluid system design.

Applications Engineering

Because of the many materials, products, and technologies available from Swagelok, it may be a challenge to identify the one that is best for your need. And, once you have the right components, it pays to optimize your fluid system design to reduce complexity and cost. To help with both of these needs, the team at Swagelok Penn is ready to help. Contact our in-house Engineer, Mike Jeffrey at to help you get exactly what you need. 

Technical Drawings

Executing a complex fluid-system design takes time and precision. However, when you work with Swagelok products, you can take advantage of multiple resources that can dramatically reduce the time and cost of technical and installation drawings. With any of thousands of Swagelok products, you can save hours of development, design, and drawing time with downloadable 2D and 3D CAD template drawings. In addition to CAD templates, our downloadable Sales Drawings provide precise, ready-to-use dimensional and installation information. Sales Drawing and CAD Template Download Site. Your local Swagelok Penn team can also help you create technical drawings or provide component “take offs” from your existing drawings.

Technical Product

Swagelok Penn recognizes that every customer has unique needs and requirements. Working with us, you have access to product test evaluations and technical service engineers who can provide important insight into your project. For assistance in your product selection and application decision, please contact our Customer Service & Technical Service Department at 877-333-5365 or e-mail. Our highly trained and extremely knowledgeable associates can provide assistance on every aspect of our product line.

Product Substitutions

If you’ve ever faced the frustration of trying to find a replacement component for a product that is no longer being made or one that was manufactured by a company that no longer exists, then you will appreciate Swagelok Penn’s ability to help you find viable, alternative solutions. We can help take the sting out of replacement component searches. Learn how we can help you identify product alternatives and then document savings in areas such as reduced purchase cost, maintenance, and downtime. Please contact Customer Service & Technical Service Department at 877-333-5365 or e-mail.

Product Evaluations

We can help you identify possible design, assembly, or installation problems through our product evaluation services. Swagelok’s extensive laboratories and test facilities have helped customers identify the cause of premature component wear, determine if a specific tubing material is suitable for use, identify sources of contamination, and develop cycle life data to help determine component life expectancy. Product evaluations can help you identify opportunities to lower your operational costs by reducing downtime, inventory, and rework. Please contact our Customer Service & Technical Service Department at 877-333-5365 or e-mail.