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Swagelok Penn

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

About Us

Who we are

For over 50 years, Swagelok Penn (Penn Fluid System Technologies) has been providing Swagelok® fluid system solutions including products, services, and assemblies to customers in our Delaware Valley service area. Through the years, you have known our products under several names - Cajon®, Whitey®, Nupro® and Swagelok®. Today, all wear the Swagelok brand name. In addition to the legendary Swagelok Fittings, we also carry Valves, Gauges, Hoses, Regulators, Tubing, Measurement Devices, and custom fabricated assemblies.

Because Swagelok Penn is a small local company, we are able to dynamically respond to the changing needs of our local market. Our local role extends beyond simply stocking and selling Swagelok products. Due to the close proximity that we have with our customers, we are able to take the time to understand their challenges and opportunities and we can provide local expertise and services to help them succeed. For example, we can work closely with our customers to support their strategic inventory management program . And through our Custom Fabrication service , we can assemble Swagelok components and other third-party products into your assembly per your requirements to reduce planning, assembly & purchasing costs. We also provide hands-on product training  and rental tools  to support our customers’ needs. In addition, we have access to Swagelok Company’s sophisticated global supply chain, engineering resources and R&D facilities.

Our knowledgeable customer service team, technical expertise and unmatched reliability are what make Swagelok Penn a key supplier of Swagelok products and services across numerous industries in southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and Delaware.

Dedication to Quality

Certified under ISO 9001:2015 , our company’s quality goal  is to create value for our customers by providing the delivery of high-quality products that meet the level of service and support that our customers expect. By quantifying and measuring our performance, we will develop and implement actions that lead to a higher level of organizational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our Values

At Swagelok Penn, we strive to help our customers grow and that means leveraging the core values on which Swagelok was founded and built; they also serve as the fuel for our future: Customer Focus, Quality, Integrity, Respect for the Individual, Innovation, and Continuous Improvement. How we work is as important as what we do.

Our Vision

To truly understand our customers’ needs and act on them.

Our Mission

To leverage our products, services and collective talents, to provide exceptional value and solutions to our customers. 

To every customer, we promise solutions that are:

  • built on an understanding of your requirements
  • prepared by responsive, knowledgeable professionals
  • justified through demonstrated performance and value;
  • and,
  • backed by an extensive local inventory of fluid-system products and services

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