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Swagelok Penn

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Services by Swagelok Penn - Featured Highlights

Installation Certification Training

Register for upcoming Swagelok Installation Certification Training

Learn the proper use, leak-tight installation and maintenance of Swagelok tube fittings. Correct installation is critical to run your fluid systems safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. This hands-on seminar is designed for engineers and installers.

Swagelok design and assembly services

Let Swagelok Penn fabricate that for you

Fabricating a custom fluid system can be a challenge for many companies because of lack of resources, time and certified personnel. We offer Swagelok® Custom Solutions – an assembly and fabrication service utilizing Swagelok products and other 3rd party parts per your application.

Swagelok Penn can assemble your custom Hoses in 1-2 days

The hose is often the last component in your system to be considered. Leverage Swagelok Penn’s ability to quickly fabricate hoses to your custom length in our hose assembly work cell. Hoses can be delivered in 1-2 days in most sizes and configurations and emergency orders even quicker.