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Swagelok Penn

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Field Engineering

Swagelok Field Engineering Services

Fluid System Expertise & Experience Where and When you Need It - Onsite or Virtually

Swagelok Field Engineers can help you develop effective responses to your most pressing fluid system-related challenges. Whether in the field or utilizing our virtual RealWear technology, our Field Engineers can help you determine how to:

    Swagelok Field Engineering
  • Meet tougher regulatory demands related to safety and emissions
  • Increase productivity and yields from your fluid systems
  • Reduce operating costs throughout your facilities
  • Maintain or increase overall productivity
  • Measure ROI on capital projects
  • Replace business knowledge that has "walked out the door" with retiring employees

Who are Swagelok's Field Engineers?

We have a vast network of Field Engineers across the globe who work together as a team. Your team might include:
  • Your local Swagelok Penn Field Engineers
  • Field Engineers from other parts of the globe with specialized expertise in specific areas
  • Engineers from Swagelok's worldwide design and fabrication centers

Types of Systems Addressed by Swagelok’s Field Engineering Network:

  • Design Optimization for OEM and MRO
  • Instrumentation pigtails for gas pipelines
  • Chemical sterilization dispensers for hospitals
  • Point-of-use manifolding
  • Manifolding for multiple gas cylinders
  • Regulator changeover manifolds
  • Purge panels

Watch this quick 4-minute video and see how Swagelok Field Engineers can help.

Global Reach. Knowledgeable Resources.

What does the Assessment Look Like? How does the Process Work?

Swagelok Field Engineers will visit your facility promptly and work closely with your team to address your challenges. Share with them the fluid system-related business issues that are applying pressure on your business, and they will assess and evaluate all known issues, identify opportunities for process improvements, and develop a comprehensive “Improvement Roadmap” engineering report in an easily shared digital format. This engineering report will:

  • Explain all findings
  • Identify, recommend, and prioritize opportunities for improvement
  • Quantify the outcome of each recommended solution when implemented
  • Enable you to overcome your fluid system-related business challenges

Download Sample Engineering Report

Discover more ways the Field Engineering Team can impact your business

Swagelok Virtual Technology

Our Virtual RealWear Technology

Our Swagelok Field Engineering team utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide a virtual on-site experience for troubleshooting, testing, and evaluations.

Swagelok Penn Field Engineers

Meet the Swagelok Penn Field Engineers

Meet the local Swagelok Penn Field Engineers. Learn their technical backgrounds and what applications they specialize in.

Onsite Services

Swagelok field engineers will work closely with you at your locations to evaluate systems and advise on smart next steps.