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Swagelok Penn

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Design & Assembly Services

Design and Assembly Services

Design & Assembly Services

Take advantage of Swagelok Penn's expertise as an integrated supplier — and let our certified Fabrication Team handle the building & testing of your fluid system assemblies. When resources are limited, take advantage of our local fabrication capabilities for a complete turnkey solution.

Multiply Resources. Extend Working Capital. Improve Safety & System Reliability.

If you’re short on manpower, Swagelok can provide an extra set of hands by fabricating your fluid system assemblies for you. We produce a professional, repeatable solution, with testing, inspection, and packaging included—all covered by Swagelok’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. All product and workmanship is backed by the Swagelok Quality System (SQS) and Swagelok Penn is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

Start with some of our most widely known products: valves, regulators, gauges, flowmeters, & manifolds. Add the expertise required to put together the componentry into a solution you can use. We will pull from our extensive, local inventory and order any necessary parts. We will also source and integrate any non-Swagelok products into your assembly, as required. The results?

Custom component, assembly, and enclosure fabrication, including:
  • Regulator Panels
  • Changeover Manifolds
  • Oxygen-safe Assemblies
  • Lube Oil Skids
  • Instrumentation Panels
  • Hose Assembly & Testing
  • Purge Gas Control Panels
  • Skid Fabrication
  • Welded Subassemblies
  • Spool Pieces
  • Automated Ball Valves
  • Sample Cylinder Assemblies

We can support potential skill gaps in smaller organizations or allow for expansion of existing skills when a sudden increase in production output is necessary, including:

Benefits of Utilizing our Local Fabrication Services, include:

  • Consistent product quality & reliability
  • Reduced planning, assembly, & purchase costs
  • Technical capability & application expertise
  • Local design review & Factory Acceptance Testing at our facility or virtually
  • Qualified process and QC procedures
  • Warranty on all products & services
  • Ease of our purchase — one local supplier from start to finish — one SKU.
  • Save Time With Standard and Configurable Assemblies

    Swagelok gas distribution program

    Gas Distribution Systems

    We evaluate existing gas distribution systems and build standardized, configurable gas delivery systems to help protect system operators, increase process uptime, and improve process accuracy and repeatability.

    Swagelok Grab Sampling System

    Grab Sampling Systems

    Customizing Swagelok® grab sampling systems allows for safe, efficient sample capture while meeting your specific plant application needs.

    Mechanical seal support system

    Mechanical Seal Support Systems

    Swagelok® seal support systems are guided by API 682 and are offered as kits and assemblies.

    Swagelok Analytical subsystem

    Analytical Subsystems

    Fast loops, field stations, calibration and switching modules, sample probes, and fluid distribution headers, bring efficiency and consistency to your operations.

    We Deliver from Concept to Completion

    Contact our team to learn more about our design, assembly, and fabrication capabilities at 877.333.5365 or email us.

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